House of Thai Sophisticated Massage

Healthland Remedial Massage, the land of health, where art and medical science of Thai traditional massage integrates.

Founded as a massage institute which provides trivial to serious medical treatments and services, such as Shoulder pains, Lower back pains, migraines, pregnancy, and Reflxology. and promote local wisdom of thai traditional massage to be widespread in Australia via our professional.

Our treatment and product

Offer with amazing massage treatments and services Thai traditional massage, Remedial massage, Hot stone massage, Reflexology and Body scrub.

100% guarantee servicing products ,such as Palm, massage oil, scrub cream, etc. including Thai herbs, Beal fruit & Pandan Tea, are genuine and from nature.

Thai massage story

The theoretical basis for traditional Thai healing is rooted in the belief that all forms of life are sustained by a vital force (lom) that is carried along invisible pathways (sen) that run through our bodies. This force is extracted from air, water and food, and it is believed that disease and dysfunction come about when blockages occur along these pathways. Accordingly, Thai Massage's intent is to free this trapped energy, stimulate the natural flow of life-force, and maintain a general balance of wellness.