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100% guarantee our product are genuine and from nature.

100% guarantee servicing products ,such as Palm, massage oil, scrub cream, etc. including Thai herbs, Beal fruit & Pandan Tea, are genuine and from nature.

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Amazing massage treatments , services and mix ‘n’ match package

Offer with amazing massage treatments and services Thai traditional massage, Remedial massage, Hot stone massage, Reflexology and Body scrub

We provide the convenience of HICAPS, and can process on-the-spot claims easily and securely.

Thai massage

Thai massage is developed in Thailand as known as Nuad Boran (ancient massage) began to evolve well over two thousand years ago in present day Thailand. What is today called Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure and energy balancing techniques, and assisted yoga postures.

Among the common people, traditions were passed down orally, but the royal court probably kept ancient reference texts on the subject of traditional Thai medicine. And today, over sixty such epigraphs displaying treatment points, herbal remedies and energy lines are on public display at the famous Wat Po temple complex in Bangkok.